Organic Nutra Mulch™ (70 bags)


*Price Listed is for Pallet of 70 bags.
* Price Listed is Price Per Pallet
** Price includes Sales Tax & Shipping
*** Prices listed are for Miami-Dade & Broward Counties.
Other destinations may require additional taxes or shipping charges.

Organic Nutra MulchTM is a natural product made from pure Florida Trees. This product
is partially composted to provide nutrients which enhance surrounding soils and slowly feed natural fertilizers for
healthier plants. In addition, Organic Nutra MulchTM loosens tightly bound particles in clay to
improve root structure, water drainage and air penetration; no need to purchase any other
products for this purpose. Organic Nutra MulchTM remains in the compost decomposition,
which aided by the abundant, available nitrogen, does not compromise plant nutrition.
Organic Nutra MulchTM is one of the most advanced mulch solutions on the market today. Here
are just a few of the benefits, when you maintain a healthy garden powered by Organic Nutra
Organic Nutra MulchTM contains soil-enhancing nutrients in the form of large organic molecules
which are retained in the soil and are bio-available to the plants as needed.
Organic Nutra MulchTM augments soil structure, reducing the chance of erosion.
Organic Nutra MulchTM will improve existing soil properties encouraging healthy root structure.
Organic Nutra MulchTM will reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers.
Organic Nutra MulchTM material increases soil water holding capacity.
Organic Nutra MulchTM is optimized to use in several gardening applications:
Garden and plant bed: Apply 1-2” (inches) of Organic Nutra MulchTM to the ground surfaces
and proceed to plant as normal.

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